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You know your trip was great when parts of it are integrated into your otherwise peaceful dreams … you know the one when you wake up and check for that wardrobe malfunction? Yesterday, the only day all week that the wind hasn’t blown, I spent at my favorite fishing hole and while casting I was smiling at the memories and remembering the previous week’s Wednesday and my mum and Aunt river tubing … floating through underground limestone caves in Belize … hummm, In travel brain mode I’ve spent a few hours looking through some other trip pics … I found a few memories I’d forgotten and added them to a photo page you might like to check out.  Next week is prepping for 2 weeks or so at the Zion’s cabin; gathering the project parts; plumbing repairs, tile for the bath and a new water heater … stuff ‘ya gotta do’ before the crowds arrive for the weekend and then it’s Party-Party, Hike, Shoot, Swim and Laugh, lots of Laughter.  On my list is a hike to Kanaraville Falls which is a red rockImageImage slot canyon with a bit of technical climbing and a day at Lake Powell … my favorite part though? Smore’s and Family around the bon fire every night and the eternal argument … who is “The Best” marshmallow toaster … maybe I should find a trophy.

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  1. See, those years of work WERE a bad dream! Hope to connect this week and hear some stories. And to hear your road nicknames!


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