Lollygagging with the Mom, the Aunt, the sisters, the daughter & the nieces, if  you charted it out we’d be a matrix … add in  limo’s and wait staff, pools and spas … beaches and sunshine. Cozumel, Roatan and Belize, I know you were very curious. It’s not the places we will visit, they are secondary to actually spending time with one another without running around preparing a dinner, cleaning up after dinner and chasing kids, cats and dogs, and then rushing home to the next thing. So the lollygagging has a purpose can one lollygag if one has a purpose? We’re the group that everyone always knows by the time the trip is over …. if you can’t see us coming you’ll be able to hear us … and I hope there’ll be a lot of laughter, stories, and love.  My mum turned 83 on the first day of spring, hummm, maybe she wouldn’t want me talking about her age, too late! She keeps saying this will be her last big trip, but I’m not buying that line at all … all you world travelers out there, got any ideas for the next big shebang?  And a final thought totally off the subject but I figured I’m old enough that I wouldn’t have to think about sitters … you think? Nope, having little greenlings and spring gardens has changed that perspective … again … I spent last week finally getting the drip systems installed and dripping for the early spring outdoor plants and I’ve written instructions for Sweetie to use his sweet talk on the greenlings and watch their moisture levels while the girls and I are lollygagging around the pool and on the beaches.   I don’t call him Sweetie for nuthin’.

So ... what do you think?

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