A Warning: Noah the Prophet v the Russell Crow’s Science Fiction Farce


Last weekend we went to see Russell Crow’s movie Noah and based upon the previews I was expecting something along the lines of Charleton Heston and The Ten Commandments. I was so disturbed by the presentation that it has been on my mind for almost a week and I felt I needed to sound a warning. What was presented was a science fiction farce written by people who had never read the Bible, the story of Noah, or had any understanding of God, His prophets, or his prophets purposes throughout the ages.  Noah was called to preach repentance for 120 years while preparing the ark, giving the people sufficient chance to choose to change. This movie offered  Transformer type ‘Rock Creatures’ who helped build the ark, the landscape was portrayed as though it were a modern day post apocalyptic view of an environmental disaster, Noah’s family and their purpose was so changed as to denigrate their faith and the strength it took for them to stand up for truth and righteousness in the face of overwhelming evil.  The only redeeming portion of the movie was the graphics and animation of the animals being brought to the ark.  Save your money, save your time and use it for something worthwhile instead. I wish we had.

So ... what do you think?

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