It’s a slow morning here in Boise…I set my alarm to wake me so I could watch the ‘blood moon’ lunar eclipse last night; when I went to bed the sky was clear and the moon was open for viewing.  Well! When I woke up a gauzy layer of thin moisty clouds covered my view so though I could see the eclipse it was fuzzy…sigh.  I gave up and sought the comfort of my downy quilt and dropped back into slumber; but not before I remembered the first time I watched a full lunar eclipse soaking in the warmth of the Burgdorf hot springs located between McCall and Warren Idaho during my first ever fire assignment.  The rustic log pool surrounded by the Payette National Forest  was the perfect spot to moon watch. It was one of those nights when the moon took over the sky as it rose above the trees and tracked directly overhead during the eclipse and we had to continue to paddle to stay awake.  Only a few of us made it through the full event thoroughly water logged and groggy during briefing the next morning but with a memory that doesn’t need a photograph to recall…though I have forgotten names I haven’t forgotten the feeling of awe and total wonder I felt watching the perfection and precision of God’s hand in that moment.  The next eclipse is in October … humm … if there isn’t too much snow and the springs aren’t snowed in, maybe?


Blood Moon Eclipse

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