Traveling Greenhouse .. Update


Sweetie and I declared Tuesday last our final alpine ski day of the season … the morning was clear and bright and the groomed runs were concrete corduroy that beat my knees into submission and the afternoon sun added the treachery of whiplash inducing patches of slush! So, skis are back in the closet for another year and I’ve given myself permission to ‘Think Spring’!

Last week I put together my traveling growbox greenhouse which I think is going to work ‘mahhhvalously’. After a bit of frustration searching for an inexpensive grow light, I finally found one at Walmart along with a perfectly sized rubber tote, cost for both was under $20.  

Yesterday I slid over to D&B, our local farm and ranch store, and picked up a plastic seed tray and set 36 plants. In my portable greenhouse I now have 8 each of San Marzano & Better Boy tomatoes, eight mixed color bell peppers, six each lemon grass and sweet basil, yumm .. I can almost taste fresh pesto! In a couple of more weeks I’ll add spaghetti squash, mini watermelons, thyme and dill to the box.  

The Lord has blessed us with some very good spring rain and if the weather holds tomorrow I assemble my new drip irrigation system (it’s like Christmas!!) and then will put in peas, spinach and lettuce to the raised beds…I love the smell of fresh dirt and compost, I love the freshness of newly cut lawn and the delicate light of spring morning sunshine glinting through the air.  I feel God close in those moments when I set a seed in the ground, knowing that everything that is necessary is there…within the shell. I plant the seed but God makes it grow.  It is an act of faith.  I love this quote I found on Pinterest  (attributed to Audrey Hepburn) “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”….I hope it also means seeds in a traveling greenhouse!


Planted & Ready to Grow


Traveling Greenhouse without the lid & growlight



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