Some days are lazy and that’s ok especially while it’s raining and windy out my windows.  At least, that’s what I told myself while I read the full Divergent series in 7 days! I’ve always been a reader, a gift from my mom and dad; and I just love a good series! My first one was in third & fourth grades when I read all of the OZ books. Later in high school I discovered Tolkien’s Hobbit and Lord of the Rings which over the years I have read over and over wearing the cover off of at least three paperback sets. I was one of the not so patient readers of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series which addiction lasted 13 years at least before the final installment was published last year. And let’s not forget The Work and the Glory, The Kingdom and the Crown, Harry Potter and the Hunger Games.  Now, since I’ve inhaled the Divergent series I’ll go back and reread it with a calmer mind so I might find all the parts I missed in my desire to find out what happens next! If you notice, my taste rolls to avoid anything that remotely sounds like it is reality … if you’ve read a great series or found a new author I’d love to find a new world to inhabit. Oh! Did I mention the Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe; the Sword of Shinara and all of the Wilber Smith trilogies and …

Some Days are Lazy

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  1. Just two ideas today: SM Stirling’s ‘The Emberverse Series.’ (post-apoc nitty gritty set in Willamette Valley), and Dinotopia. I have some of those paperbacks in the basement. Easier and more fun are the pix/art-filled Dinotopia books which I’ll share with you next week. AND, of course, Karen Fonstad’s ‘The Atlas of Middle Earth.’ A must-have while diving into Tolkien…


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