Schizophrenia….this morning was gray, foggy, and damp here at the Council Cottage, so of course we went skiing. The mountain was barely visible as we drove from light fog into more fog, well actually more like driving into a cloud as we pulled into the parking lot. Wind curled into my ears before I could pull on my ear band and helmet, ran up my legs while I was sliding into my boots and encouraged me to put on another layer under my coat.  Then, wait for it, Snow! I should have known better, however off we shusshed onto new snow, I really can’t call it powder, but we could have made a super snowman.  My inner fair weather skier finally screamed “Uncle” when I couldn’t keep the snow from crusting my goggles and twisting into the collar of my jacket and we drove off of the cloud topped mountain into blue skies, snow melted streams in our gully, and three different bird families vying for the choicest nesting spot on the deck.  Hey Groundhog!  I still have just under 3 weeks of winter …. I am still in “Think Snow”,  snuggy socks and hot chocolate mode while Sweetie has opened all the doors, is whistling, and is “Thinking Spring”!

So ... what do you think?

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