Winter Psych Day


Winter Psych Day … yesterday’s sunny skies ignited my it’s almost spring gene and my thoughts left the ski slope for my gardens; today it’s overcast and the ski hill has a 50% chance of snow. So, off to the mountains we are heading but not before I have spent 2 hours watching YouTube videos and reading the Farmer’s Almanac and Mother Earth News to learn about starting my own seedlings.

Yep, I am venturing into the world of seed germination indoors. My madness started with the cost of seedlings last year as well as the lack of choice in my local garden centers. The tomatoes were the hybrids everyone has … I wanted to try something a bit more exciting. This year I am branching out from my loved Roma’s and adding San Marzano, which I’ve been told is a spectacular sauce tomato. My Sweetie makes a killer, recipe from his grandmothers stove, tomato sauce that we bottle and use on everything that begs for a yummy tomato sauce.

Back to my seed starting venture. Most seed starting enterprises don’t require legs … meaning new seedlings are potted, left on a shelf under a light and are watered daily.  We, however, travel between two localities; rural Council Idaho where Sweetie’s custom gun shop Council Mountain Gunworks is located and Boise Idaho. Depending on our schedules we can be at either place for up to a week at a time; which would be very bad juju for tiny codependent plants.  So, my marvelous plan is to build portable grow boxes that we can pack up with the dog, occasionally the cat, and all of our paraphernalia; what’s one more box to hoist into the truck?

I think I have settled on using plastic container totes and fluorescent lights to create my portable seedling production environment. I will begin gathering the necessaries on my next trip down to Boise; there aren’t many shopping options in Council. But the views are spectacular, our neighbors friendly and of course, there is the Fourth of July pancake breakfast and World Championship Porcupine Races.

Though yesterday my thoughts turned to dirt and seeds, today I am back in winter mode. My newly waxed and sharpened skis are in the Escape ready and waiting; lunch needs making and I am taking full advantage of the extra days of winter the old groundhog predicted. It’s time to purchase next season’s ski pass while the winter sale is on.

Summer will come soon enough. I am living today; anticipating wind in my face, occasionally snow down my back, and of course, my Sweetie by my side. May you be able to do the same, God bless.

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  1. I want my own life to sparkle like the diamonds in the snow you see! I love your conversational tone and likewise will invite you to see my own (infrequent) blog postings… You continue to bud and grow in front of our eyes, Mizz Keri! … Jose


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