Continued High Pressure … Sigh


High pressure and ragged snow continue to plague my skiing plans … I’m such a fair weather skier anymore; no more night skiing, no more blinding snow storms, frost encrusted goggles or frozen fingers and toes. I love bright blue skies, snow sparkling with diamonds as sunlight bounces off of my Ray-Ban’s as I  often unsuccessfully avoid snowboarder cuts in the hillside.  Now you snowboarders, take a breath, most of my family has deserted skis for snowboards, but for a die-hard skier like me, well, a snowboard just doesn’t carve a mogul hill in the same rhythm.  I admit, changing a muscle memory built into a rhythm for more than 40 years is tough; I grouse a little then let it go.  My joy in a day on the mountain, a run perfectly executed, or even a crowd pleasing yard sale of a fall cannot be dampened by having an out of balance mogul hill.

My hope for a change of weather to push this massive high pressure off of the west is pinned on the meteorologists forecast for precipitation the next couple of days.  Maybe Wednesday or Thursday my whining will subside and my skis will make it out of the closet and back onto the racks for another day’s adventure.

Skiing in Idaho has one advantage …. Idaho has a ton of hot springs!  I grew up skiing the best snow on earth in Utah and am pretty much a snow snob … but a day at Brundage Mountain followed by a soak in ZIM’S hot springs just north of New Meadows is pretty dang good ski day!

So ... what do you think?

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